Tenacity (following)….


been a long while




A whole season has passed by without me having been aboard the Tenace… I think, since I’ve been keeping tabs via their blogreport but not making it to one of the many venues along their ABC trajectory (Antwerp-Brussels-Charleroi) even the tricloured fête nationale passed by without our assistance! Scandal!

I had been lugging a case of peru-beer in my trunk for the occasion but never made it to delivery, until perchance just this week…

I found the Tenace hiding behind the Fireship “Westhinder” laid up at the riverport of  Ruppelmonde… yes, one has to have a keen eye to make out it’s tubby silhouette, but there she was… Came across mdame Belga lugging a box op apples from shore, and so we took this short meeting for a quick drink and chat – since it had been so long and in the meantime there had been some less encouraging incidents… but this day was smiling on us, Mme. Belga slipped into something more festive to match the fire-engine red scheme of fireship and Tenace’s own flagrant scarlet paintjob…


ThideRed Thidetel

Alas the meeting was short, but pleasant – will be followed up soon since the Tenace has to be pulled up on dry land for an inspection of her nether bits… thus high and dry in the dock for the next week or so, depending on what needs to be done or not…

Will resume report asap.





last year….

Tenace did a bit of a whirlwind tour of Hainaut, – in fact racing through with the exception of a longer sojourn in Péruwelz…
Already at Ronquiéres there was delay and sudden departure –  originally a video was going to be made of the ascension… but then the boat had to stop at La Louviere, which was not planned, and has the effect of: what a cool place next time for sure. Then it went quick – a search of the sluices didn’t deliver) see search below) ant the stay at Mons / Grand Large was short…

Péruwelz then was longer, but also not quite as planned, the field adjacent was not available, and the wild exhibition was – well, let’s say it didn’t last in the storms and other circumstances… speaking of weather, we were lucky to have two useable weekends, and in the end there were some very memorable moments… suddenly the stay became too short, and off she flew ( yes the boat that flies) to Courtrai, not even stopping at Tournai nor the river port of Avelgem… so my plans to be on board part of the way came to nothing
Next time.

see also article in L’Avenir / Courier de l’Esaut

short piece on NOtélé ‘ Bateau à BoBo arrive à Péruwelz’ or some such

and of course the main boat site (nice videoclip)

check Tenace on Tour…


here some reports

Ok last week end…Voilà dernier weekend au/on the Tenace at the Port de Plaisance Péruwelz

Vrijdag/Vendredi 12/6
*18-21u Cargo-Cuisine:  plat du jour, simple comme bonjour maar très mjam-mjam voor/pour 6euro!
*20.30h Trio Damien Vanneste, un nouveau formation locale qui fait son premier rencontre avec le public au Tenace, un primeur alors. A encourager!
22.00h Projectie van de film Watermusic door collectiv One Take. http://www.watermusicfilm.org/about
Zaterdag/Samedi 13/6
*18-21u Cargo Cuisine: resto zonder keuzestress: 1 lekkere plat du jour voor 6euro.
*21 u Music for Rabbits: musique/performance, ook voor konijnen/aussi pour lapins!
Zondag 14/6
*Cargo Cuisine: Laatste Avondmaal/Dernier Souper Tenace à Peruwelz!!!
*Définissage Expo Sauvage “A Suivre/Word Vervolgd”

here a map of the environs for those that are coming by train, with the most agreeable access, since the main road can be a bit busy…   MaPeruTenace click to enlarge…   ToTaffiP2w  reporting

carrotbigW Tenace june 13 For the second day running there was no sign of the disastrous storm they had predicted, so I headed out to the pleasurable port where the Tenace was berthed with another set of plastic flags… As replacement or augmentation, depending if the wind had taken the first tryout off into the wild blue yonder… But no…  It was still there floating tethered to the Tenace… So I decided to add two, making it in effect a version of the three translucent flags I had made for a project way back in the nineties… The wind was veering so it was not so easy to chose how to hang them… The ones at the side slightly diagonal, since all straight would have ment they furled into each other and nothing would happen… Float-effect-wise…

plabach2 PlaBaDay plasti1 rabbCarrotBoaW carrot & rodent arrive I had just finished when things below deck started stirring… Most people had eaten and no it was time for… Music for Rabbits!  Aah, my favourite… A mad hatters mix of Frank Zappa meets Alice for a walk on the wild side, or hindu kush goes harmonica, or all ye saints drive a hard bargain at the drugmart… In any case, a wild carrot and a sort of Winnie the Pooh on consciousness altering substances that Hunter S Thompson might have used climbed aboard and set about pushing their paws all over some electronic equipment mixed with real live instruments… Rattling with a she-bang drive into rockabilly soul-state wailings, abrupt forays into traditional ditties, gospel rip-hop and staccato stutterings, screaming guitar and pushy percussion, quiet murmurings an sudden outbursts of… Well one might call them carotene burps… all yummy and wholesome vegetarian earfeed for the worrisome rodent…

rabbit The public didn’t quite know what to make of it – in fact it was a kiddies programme- all enjoyed anyhow, and it was a comfy evening with lots to do outside and inn, busy kitchen, busy hold, deck slightly less due to lower temperatures than the days before… Though the wind let up later on and it was quite pleasant out… Stars emerging from the petroleum blue… Red sheen on the translucent flags, wafting slowly now, even sometimes limp. Gotta go, last day tomorrow, and stuff to do.. As usual.. Ssunday 14 In the meantime the takes made during the first week came on television and so there was quite a crowd of curious people for the finnissage… Lots of cafe-type drinkers, but those that found the kitchen were again very well,served… Curious people in all senses, and returnees, but especially the children enjoyed, dogs milling and the accordion duo set up outside in front of the peniche with and additional conga and somewhat later an electric guitar… Interesting combination… As a sort of ceremonial end to the exhibition we lowered the plastic flags and pulled them over around the jammers, and with the evening light the whole thing became somewhat estranged… A nice evening and a good roundup of a somewhat patchy sojourn at Peruwelz pleasure harbour… The weather held throughout.

no pictures, forgot my telephonecamthing; sorry

friday 12th had us worried about thunderstorms – the heat was sweltering and the clouds gathering in high cumulations… so we were out being creative as long as it lasted… in the end it lasted all evening, because the big storm never really materialised… by the time we went in to listen to the Trio Vanneste – which is actually a rotational relay quartet – i was out of battery power to make pictures… but the tenace site will pst some i suppose… atelJfiels tenJart1 tenjLLflag tenjSurrlartis tenjuArt2 tenjuArt3 everyone joined in and it was a heady creative session…(below a young participant made wonderful pieces…) tenjuart4 tenjuart5 tenjuart7 tenJuart8 tenjuart9 tenjuartPaplu tenjuartTent tenjuArtVic in between bouts of enjoying the terrace afloat…tenJuDommage a search for the missing redcaps was to no avail…tenjuPlasti1 clouds threatened but never made a move…TOTentKortryk and in fact this will be the last stop in Hainaut – normally Tournai was on the cards, but circumstances have conspired to take the Tenace to Courtrai in the next week…     week before: Ten2washout after friday’s washout: JUNE FINALLY SUN Weekend worth it… Saturday I could not participate during the day but arrived in the evening… Ten2accord   Ten2WendWin Ten2eatKadeTen2chev2   Sunday saw us gather from various places, train, car, bicycle to converge on the tenace in the early afternoon to then proceede to the picnic decli’c at the Arret 59 at the station… The Buitenlanders would go by boat, a cross between expl’electronic rub-a-dub and a deformed bath duck… In any case a curious apparition on the canal… The rest by foot or bike along the wild exhibition en route… Quite a few works were so well hidden as to be passed by with no further attention, or rather none at all, being inexistent – to see if the birds had any luck one would have to keep ornitologically still with an opera-glass or two.. .Ten2Buitenvertrek buitenlanders depart from the mothership… At the A59 we were treated to pancakes, well crepes rather, and local brew, a fanfare that had to be constituted from the audience and various presentations from the decli’c workshops, whereby the red choral was a major highlight, updating traditional protest songs and popular red tues to contemporary themes… And well done indeed, with conviction and a socialist verve we no longer find in our bigger cities… Ten2woolf disaster strikes: just heard that the redcap exhibition has been vandalised… It was not easy to convice the revellers to come back with us, but in the meantime there were visitors on the boat itself… So couldn’t stay… But the evening meal on board with the late sunshine gleaming through wisps of hair floating on the easy breeze made for some very agreeable moments… Alas had to go, continue to the harbour cookietown up north… Ten2sonambull sonamboul beach party   Ten2head Soleil tenace Voilà, finalement le temps décide de être plus agréable pour les activités du Tenace… Le week-end préparatif était un peu calme, néanmoins on avait mise en place quelques signalisations pour oiseaux et chercheurs des eaux…  Et pour les visiteurs de trouver le chemin de la gare jusqu’au bateau… En vélo ou a pied… TenExpoPrep la programmation mis en panneau…   Voilà le programme : Vendredi 5 juin; 18-21hrs Cargo Cuisine, repas somptueux aquatique végétarien pour 6 euro seulement… dés 22hrs cinéma flottante – Amarcord de Fellini avec courte métrages diverses… Samedi 6 juin ;  18-21hrs Cargo Cuisine, avec interventions locales… dés 20 hrs carte blanche WAPI jam session – musiciens de la region / entre-acte par Wendy and Wilson, herbe bleu avec lune plein réfléchi dans le canal… Dimanche 7 juin ;  a 14 hrs parade a pied pour rejoindre le grande pique-nique au Arrét 59  (voir programme Décli’c) avec groupe anversoise ‘De Buitenlanders’ – vers 18 rs retour suivante le expo sauvage en route 18-21hrs Cargo Cuisine… improvisations surprise TenSmos TenWayTen Eindelijk is de zon ons activiteiten op en rond de Tenace beter gezind… Et preparatieve weekend was koeltjes en regenachtig, kalm en stilletjes… Toch zijn er diverse signalisatie- werkjes ontstaan en geplaatst… Voor de vogels en de zoekers van water, alsook de bezoekers om te weg van het station tot aan het boot te vinden… Belgablog Vrijdag 5 juni: 18-21u Cargo-Cuisine: souper langs de waterkant, zoals gewoonlijk 6 euro voor een plat du jour. 22u Cinema Drijf-in projecties in de buitenlucht.  Zaterdag 6 juni: 18-21u Cargo-Cuisine: zie boven 20u Carte Blanche aan de Peruwelze muzikanten die een Wapi Jam Session presenteren. For us to know en for you to find out! Met tijdens de pauze een intermezzo van Wendy and Winston, Bluegrass met haar op uit Péruwelz, l’herbe blue dus Zondag 7juni: 14u: Parade vanaf de Tenace naar Arrêt 59, foyer culturel van Péruwelz vlakbij station, onder begeleiding van De Buitenlanders uit Antwerpen. Ter plaatse op het stationsplein,, een openluchtevenement -Décli’c en fête- met reuzepicknik en animatie door Arrêt 59. Voor details zie www.arrêt59.be 18u Terugkeer naar de Tenace via het Wilde Expo A suivre/Word vervolgd* parcours. 18-21u Cargo-Cuisine: zie boven Praktisch: -De Tenace ligt aangemeerd in de Porte de Plaisance van Peruwlez (GPS 50°31’5”N).  Peruwelz is met de trein bereikbaar via Mons of Doornik. Er zijn door ons wegwijzers voorzien vanaf het station naar de Tenace voor voetganers en fietsers. Wie met de auto komt kan de wegwijzers “Port de Plaisance” volgen ah, summer eve along the canal… tenEveC   INFOBUREAU Gruzemayer open occasionally info can be seen from the outside too, depending on activities and whereabouts of office clark…     otherwise there have been some creative interventions already: IMG_20150531_195549IMG_20150531_195615IMG_20150531_195922

end of may, weather intermittent
Wilde expo,  section parcours de oiseaux Pour la section Péruwelz du expo sauvage ‘ a suivre’ on avait prevue une parcours oiseaux pour les eaux, (perdu, retrouvé) vue que les itinéraires sont toujours lié aux eaux, oiseaux, – en faite parcours des eaux pour oiseaux… spécifiquement nous sommes commencé avec le trajet entre gare et port de plaisance, ou la péniche Tenace se trouve a ce moment… c’est pas loin en ligne direct (pour les oiseaux) mais plus compliqué en vélo, so on veut rouler un peu tranquille… TenWegWijs voila nous commence ce weekend de mettre quelques sculptures signalisantes pour montre le chemin, aussi pour oiseaux… Voor de aflevering ‘wordt vervolgd / a suivre’ in de omgeving van Péruwelz is naast de waterkant expo ook een luik voor vogels voorzien, welke ook als wegbewijzering kan gebruikt worden om het parcours tussen stad (station, hotel de ville, cultuurcentrum) en peniche Tenace in de Port de Plaisance te vinden… want in vogelvlucht is het niet ver, maar met de velo zijn rustigere paden zinvol… en fluitend simple comme bonjour… In voorbereiding zijn er al enkele wijzers geplaatst, nu aan jullie om het parcours te vervolledigen, en ja, alternatieve routes en interessante afwijkingen te voorzien van vogelvriendelijke bakens… VartBolleVartSchuinVartScorpTenBirdStop1 First weekend, sorry weather but In preparation for the upcoming events, various bird-friendly signs and beacons are being installed along the route from the station to the boat… still in it’s most basic form, we hope that this sub-section of the ongoing wild exhibition along the canal will be expanded upon to include various sites worth visiting or passing by at least – alternative routes or driftings in their own right… TenPreChevronTenBridgePPvhf TenWCready   installations ready for use….
Tenace has left Mons behind and set sail (or rather..) for Péruwelz… along the canal Nimy-Blaton-Péronnes leaving behind the culture city and skirting the reborn industrial landscape, mixed with old rustfarms and high tech developments, to more green pastures, just beyond the Borinage… but within earshot of once clanking heavy industry, now overgrown and sunk into the mud, becoming bird sanctuary and green landscapes… under the blue bridge, and here we are…

arriRood arrivBos arriveBrug scenes along the canal between the Grand Large an Péruwelz ( closer to the latter, greener)       betonbootbetondeurroodkaproodkapsuivre a suivre has begun to take form the arrival at P… more soon   arrivePeruweejaagpad   earlier ( from Ronqiéres to Mons)

Ascension en plan incliné
Decente en ascenseur
Le Péniche “Tenace” départ Bruxelles pour la deuxième partie de l’Tour de Belgique – primer arrêt est le ascenseur de Ronquières… Eh bien le Plan incliné… Le  si on veux… En tout cas l’ascension de Tenace est prévue le dimanche 17 mai après une soirée de musique le samedi en préparation de cette miracle –
Pendant l’ascendance il aura une accompagnement musicale par les musiciens anversoises, bruxelloises, tournaisiens et encore… Belge quoi… et une videoclip fait des faites (fêtes)…
Partie du tour
Canal Bruxelles-Charleroi / Canal du Centre / Canal Nimy-Blaton-Peronnes / L’Escaut.
Tenace on Tour / deuxième année 1° section Hainaut
Bruxelles (varia see site)
Ronquières ( ascension incliné ) non, musiciens pouvent pas
La Louvière ( large vide) non, passage vite
Strepy-Thieu ( ascenceur du vrai ) en fait decente… 15 minutes et c,est fait…
Mons. Grande Large, quelques jours de plus / visite Mons 2015
Pommeroeul ( vue du canal perdu)
Péruwelz ( sejour d’activités – voir programme)
Antoing / Peronnes. Changement a l’Esaut..
Tournai… Voir programation
Espierres / Bossuit… Une écluse trop petit….
Tenaciously looking for the disappearing river barge… I had expected to see it tethered to the quayside at Strepy, ( I chanced upon a basin coming down… Thought perhaps it could be… So waited.. Not longer than ten minutes mind, but no, it was Zulu II and FS 28…) or then at the junction of the old and the new canal at Thieu… But nothing… So I continued downstream ( if one can call it that in canal terms… ) to another public quay at Havré, across the water from foret de la Haine ( i think) where I happened  to see the Marie of Zaandam slowing down to make fast… I called to query if they had crossed the Tenace In the other direction… They had not. (wondering how they came over from Falmouth – do river barges brave the English Channel? ) I continued my search towards Mons… My last thought.. Since that was the stated destination it seemed logical that they might have continued from the sluice gates -or rather the locks- without stopping… And yes, there she was, brighter red than ever, looking prim in her new coat of paint…
(picture with yellow umbrella parasol thing and blue lagoon…) the Grand Large as it were… See if they will be ablet to stay for a week…
For a moment there I had considered the notion of a disappearing barge, a mystery ship plying the channels of a bygone era, invisible in the fog, looming meanecingly now and again only to vanish, a flying dutchman of the canalsystem… Shooed from berth to berth by changing times..
In fact most of the barges have disappeared, the canals hardly used, many disused entirely, even the ones that were recently still open to leisure boats are now closed to all traffic… Savings i presume… Whilst in fact they could be a viable alternative to clogging the roads with trucks.. The same goes for the rails that have been torn up everywhere… Could have been used for commuter traffic if well organised… But yes, that would be expecting too much.
A suivre TENACE wordt vervolgd
Oorspronkelijk zou de TENACe vanaf Brussel al vervolgd moeten worden, maar onduidelijke data, weer en een duivels vaart hebben ertoe bijgedragen dat de Tenace nu lang uitgestrekt geniet van de Grand Large en er maar een of twee krijtlijn interventies op het traject terug te vinden zijn ( tevergeefs zocht ik te La Louvière, Strepy en Thieu, Havré en Haine achter tijdelijke kunst in de keelzog van de TENACE…)
Dus vanaf nu wordt het menens… Na de Mons2015 activiteiten zondag te Saint Symphorien ( live werken Emilio LopezMenchero, Lise Duclaux en bewoners van le Carrosse ( project MONSens ) gaat TENACE afmeren en het kanaal Vimy-Blaton-Péronnes invaren, met als doel een langer verblijf te Péruwelz,begin tot midden juni…
Alors, voorzien is een wandel en fietstocht langs dit traject door de Borinage, ieder mag zelf zijn route bepalen ( langs Van Gogh huis, Grand Hornu etc…) en kan desgewenst baggage aan boord de Tenace deponeren en kamperen naar hartelust, of indien plaats beschikbaar, meevaren, of eenmalig de pad van de Tenace kruisen… De wilde expositie ontwikkelt zich langs de route, routewegwijzers als het ware… Denkend aan Hobo-symbolen ( systeem waarbij dakloze/zwervers/Nomaden elkaar verwittigden van goede of slechte plaatsen, mensen. Situaties… Vooral in de VS…)
Dus tijdelijke werken die als tracering de weg van de Tenace volgen door zijn tocht door Henegouwen… Er is geen fixroute, dus ieder voor zich in groep of na afspraak… Zie ook sites van
Tenace on tour.   Boottenace.wordpress.com
Depinterdep…. Infobureau-site Péruwelz. Depinterdep.wordpress.com
Ook de site van cultuurhuis “Arrêt 59” te Péruwelz…
Indien mogelijk zal een stopplaatsschema worden gemaakt voor het volgpeloton… Anders gsm en gps….
Tijdens de langere halte in Péruwelz is er ruime mogelijkheid het vroegere mijnbekken en kanaal knooppunt te onderzoeken… A la recherche des eaux perdues… Péruwelz zelf heeft zeven bronnen, overal kleine beken, plasjes, stukjes oud kanaal, vijvers natuur, anciennes carrieres, ancienes fosses minères… Intussen alles natuurgebied… Noem maar op!.. Wandelwegen lange afstand en korter, veel fietspaden, oude spoorwegbeddingen, veel groen en industriele archeologie…
RaVel 1 en 4, vele korte trajecten voor elk conditie en goesting…
Bureau Gruzemayer onderhoudt tijdens het bezoek van Tenace een info-office me kaarten en brochures om te raadplegen en berichten van de vorderingen…
Er is ook een velomaker om de hoek…




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