Musée de Vacuité

Parce que ce ne existe pas dans les environs… L’aspiration de montrer plus que rien, un croisement de la cédille qui sourit et le vide de chez Iris Clert, a Anvers il y avait une espace “Vacuum” dans les années 70… Ça aussi peut servir comme prototype.

Pour la collection des machines, qui produisent un vacuum, une sous-pression du atmosphère, une manque de souffle… Rangé de l’aspirateur domestique à la pompe spécialisée, les machines à faire néant son très diverse.

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Museum of vacuity, vacuous-ness, vacuum

Because there isn’t one in the nearby vicinity…  Something to collect nothing, or even less than that, a cross between nothing and emptiness, the space void of substance or gaseous reverberations, thought and above all, material excess…

For the collection a range of machines to produce negative pressure, to produce void, to suck all meaningful gasses from a space, in order for there to take place other processes… The smiling cedilla comes to mind, the void shown by YKB and all the devices, from domestic appliance via tubes of all sorts used in electronic transmissions to just plain pumps, common or specialized…

Hoover dammed,

Once the generic name for good housekeeping, it has become tainted by secretive tendencies and uncontrolled paranoia, even if also associated with a marvelous feat of engineering … Keeping all that water back from where it wants to run….

Horror Vaccui

That which all the things we amass have along with spiders dust and mites of all sorts and descriptions…

The aspirator as the french would call it and it’s suctioning possibilities were the basis for an instrument of sorts created for the birthday bash of radio centraal back in ‘93, using various pipes attached to a modified industrial cleaner, a sort of robotic bagpipe…

Or the endless travails of the matador, who for a fifty-fifty presentation in the late eighties was made to suction up his own exhaust for the duration of the show – needless to say he didn’t make it, giving the ghost after the opening…




 (insert)fromMachine désirante et subjectivité dans l’Anti-Œdipe de Deleuze et Guattari  –  Florence Andoka

Dans l’entretien qu’il offre à Claire Parnet, l’Abécédaire, Deleuze revient sur ses intentions quant à l’Anti-Œdipe. Il entend dans cet ouvrage proposer un nouveau concept du désir. C’est d’ailleurs sur cette description du processus désirant que Deleuze et Guattari fondent la remise en question de la psychanalyse oedipienne ainsi que son analyse de l’économie capitaliste. Il convient alors d’interroger cette notion au fil de la lecture, en se concentrant plus spécifiquement sur le concept de la machine- désirante qui apparaît dès les premières pages de l’Anti-Œdipe. Qu’est-ce qu’une machine désirante ?


That is perhaps why I developed a project ‘Vide Gonflé’ a while back, to give the emptiness a form of sorts, to define the vacuous ness, vacuity whatever… first conceived for the ‘last show of F44 at Extra Sic (ty) in the harbour of Antwerp, it then was divided and served in various guises… at the etablissements d’en face projects, (Angel V café) in the open courtyard at le Gartnd Hornu (l’art de lendemain) both 2009

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Vacuum tube amplification gave us the best sound, warm full bodied and rounded, the tube was for a long time synonymous with television, now relegated to flat light emitting diodes or liquid crystals… For many years I have been searching for an EL 88 for a radio I found in Vienna hiding under a piece of carpet in a vacant lot…

Within that tube the most amazing processes took place, usually with the added spectacle of emanating light and heat… There was one such radio tube added to top of the line receivers for you visual pleasure… And to indicate the strength of the signal received… As a child it was a mysterious eye that watched over lone. Listeners, glued to programmes such as “they’re coming to take me away, ho ho haaha…”

Idle space curved into a small depression of some millions of light-years across give that vacuous surface tension that keeps our planets spinning around each other, madly deeply, including our own which we seem to be destroying as we embrace it… Will there be nothing left after we’re finished with it? Moon rocks and sand? Unbreathable atmosphere, qq

Satori, Nirvana and Erehwon

Often associated with the achievement of pure balance and essential nothingness, they often adhere to the same problems as material existence poses: inadequate descriptions and/or user manual…

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