Shady Treeline, remember

all the shady tree lines have to disappear, everywhere fear of falling trees is creating a knee-jerk reaction to fell all the trees before they fall. It’s idiotic, but there it is, fuelled by insurance companies badgering municipalities for money lest someone gets hit by a falling tree and sues… fear-mongering instead of decent husbandry…


Yes storms are becoming more destructive (thanks to climate change due to high CO2 levels and not enough oxygen being produced by disappearing trees) but to cut down trees is idiotic – to reduce their height and exposure to wind perhaps yes, but cutting them down has more to do I fear with the lucrative interest in these naturally grown, not straight trees – the pellet industry – not only the widespread use for private homes (recyclable rather than recycled) but the mindless idea to convert coal-fired power stations into ‘bio-mass’ power stations –

Not only do they produce about the same amount of CO2 but use the trees which would otherwise offset the effect by capturing CO2 and producing oxygen – now more CO2 is produced while the capacity to offset the effects are also reduced…

So along all the canals, all the highways & byways, in cities and towns trees are going down – especially the grand old trees are seen as a frightful danger to shoppers and CO2 producing automobiles…

Only a few years ago the then environment minister defended killing off historical forests with the notion that there are enough “spontaneous forests” all over – along highways & byways, canals and in towns… well great, that argument no longer washes.

Very short sighted and will take a long time to recover, if ever…



for       GusMetzRemembW

Gustav Metzger, just deceased, with thanks, and hopefully will continue trying

remember nature!



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