high time to remember nature

november 4th sees a universal call to remember nature

it still has not been done enough, there’s a lot to do, the arts need to too

a call by Gustav Metzger which we will heed and


do something with :

program at this point:

Bureau Gruzemayer proposes a round trip Antwerp-Péruwelz-Brussels-Antwerp on Nov 4….  remember nature

Once considered it seems not to be all that straightforward, remembering nature, … some difficulty in defining what in fact I am proposing to do the idea and with our group at Buktapaktop….. While trying to explain I thought it might be good to begin the ay of action in nature, a nice refreshing bike ride through the forest of Bon Secours here from Péruwelz, ( depending on how much time there is, it might even be an outing to he river at Condé sur Escaut… seeing we will end the day in Antwerp on the Scheldt delta) …and the head on to Brussels by train (carbon footprint and all that) to do a …stint at the nature office… And the head home to Bureau Gruzemayer where I propose to do a vitrine with green, and perhaps if the GM-poster mentioned arrives, to exhibit it there …( and at the other venues if there are more than one)

In any case can drag the carbon footprint along with me wherever we go…  Perhaps modify it with charcoal contours again… ( in fact all note-taking schould be in charcoal) Could do that here in the depinterdep,(*) as part of the prep for a window dressing rehearsal… Along with a big pile of newspapers from which we can cut relevant articles as well… ( see GM’s installations at serpentine, colleges, st martins)

(*) depinterdep is actually dépendence interdépendente du bureau gruzemayer, a sort of franchise under construction, situated in the bordertown of Peruwelz, at the edge of the french domainal forest of Bon Secours, nature reserve and part of a wider reserve encompassing the former mining basin around Valenciennes, now covered in green, subsidences have become lakes full of fish an all manner of bird life…

So one might see this as a positive note… The old desolate coal mining areas have been reclaimed by nature…

(It is also site of a partial archive of the work of Wessel Di Wesseli, who refuses to use transportation that burns fossil fuels… I.e. cars… Perhaps influenced by Metzgers 1972 experiment… That’s also why I propose to do the trip to Brussels by train rather than car…)


view of LL’s work in progress for nov ‘: the sun working hard to bleach out the words remember nature for the window at dep.interdep / Péruwelz

In Brussels, at

Buktapaktop (a sort of collective) the afternoon session would be one of hands on discussion… Flow chart (in charcoal) and constructions… This could also be construed as a sort of theatre, for camera/doc only if needs be, or, if we can muster a small gathering, it would already become something… Liken it to a salon of sorts.

At some point one might consider the offerings as a kind of result, a product of the day as it were, hopefully a rekindling and renewed commitment to treat nature with more respect and feeling. It’s the only one we got….

Return to Antwerp ad Gruzemayer’s main office, take down the poster at the end of the day, wondering how many passers by saw it and took notice…

Extinction (something for La Jeune Avrill, Zeitschrift für Haustiere)

Atrocious the way we treat animals, even the ones we treat well… With the exception of a few domestic pets we leave very little room for our co- habitants on this planet… For most people the relative sympathy is because they want their food to have had a good life. Others might like the exotic plumage or such, but very few are actually empathetic with the creatures of this world… We have become such a dominant species that we now really have to consider if we should be able to expand as we do, at the cost of all others… We are at stake too…

 Take the bees for example… If we keep on poisoning them we might as well do away with ourselves right away.

Bee keep

And not only for honey

Oh dear , oh dear.

Pollinis… Round up the chemical delinquents… Mon Santo

But what then is the difference with various other appeals on the net, petitions and such… the fact that we are ding it simultaneously perhaps might add that bit of momentum that is needed… the themes are still Stockholm 1972 and now they are already niggling about procedures (here in belgium at least) for the climate summit in Paris next month… some things are pretty static… so

For the die-hards a bike ride before breakfast at Péruwelz

Lots of newspapers please,

Press clippings

Full recourse   (Only for students or not so much?)

Time to reboot nature concerns

We’re being hoodwinked by industry, to them the carbon certificates and emission- values carousel is just a game

Gazon plastique doit être interdit…

Astro-turf banned from commercial use, as well as private

Garden centers becoming plasticland… help!



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