depinterdep infobureau-office slight change

the infobureau is being rearranged and will now continue with info on the ongoing observation sessions at St. Symphorien… the BAM show ‘MONSens’ is underway, dates of interventions on card here included…

OBStexW ObsTreeW

Show at Mons (BAM) until sunday 6 finissage 5-8p.m.

ateliers sept 5 & 26, with

sunday 13th as special performance afternoon, then October 10 & 24th…


in the depinterdep space a collection of objects images, plants and seeds is being arranged for possible presentation in the fall

tba rootcauseAw

see also the site of the artist Lise Duclaux as well as MONSens…

presenting materials form the Observatoire after October 24

the depinterdep office will present related materials as well

(pompoenpoesie and the DK multiple project…)

more soon



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