dept. compartmental

Well, rounding the corner of yet another year without too much activity
Depinterdep is gearing towards a multi-faceted depot of sorts, part library
part pharmacy as it were, along the lines mentioned (LJA)… as a dependency
interdependent, entrepot perhaps is the best concept to fit it into.

For the moment still wrestlig with some minor but nagging details of infra-
structure, we still have not decided on a definate spacial distribution plan
and are considering our options as we go along… and along,
and along

have a good one anyway!


compartmental dependence

in part anyway, departmental, section, affiliate chapter, whatever… the dep/interdep is still in the throes of restructuring… initially it was to be a showcase for off-takes, but seeing as the main operations of Bureau Gruzemayer have been offset by chance – well, let’s call it negligence, having left payment for the domain for so long as to attract malafide practices and become the hostage of ones own device…
what is a nomadic site to do than to morph and waver between other, sympathetic and less sympathetic places on different wavelengths and in different sub-sections of society, themselves subject to constant review and shift…
No to be honest, the original intention was a lot more flexible, and now we see ourselves forced to relocate most of the library and part of the archives to the intended exhibition space… which will still be available, but no longer for grand schemes… just small stuff, and then mainly printed matter… in fact, it is all starting to look suspiciously like something else: a succursale indeed, but then one of another ilk: livrerie pharmacie
Yes, rather than remaining abstract and up in the air, circumstances have led us to consider the very concrete possibility of reinstating a press of sorts on the premises… it seems logical, it fits neatly, it seems to like its new home and all the amenities are in place; so, why not?
timeline… yes, of course, and as always, there is no way a specific date can be considered at this stage. Too many variables, too many issues demanding attention before all else, now. always now, or even better: yesterday… it should all have been done already, or as the clock in my former place of work said: It has always been time already…
we will certainly keep you posted.

Shady Treeline, remember

all the shady tree lines have to disappear, everywhere fear of falling trees is creating a knee-jerk reaction to fell all the trees before they fall. It’s idiotic, but there it is, fuelled by insurance companies badgering municipalities for money lest someone gets hit by a falling tree and sues… fear-mongering instead of decent husbandry…


Yes storms are becoming more destructive (thanks to climate change due to high CO2 levels and not enough oxygen being produced by disappearing trees) but to cut down trees is idiotic – to reduce their height and exposure to wind perhaps yes, but cutting them down has more to do I fear with the lucrative interest in these naturally grown, not straight trees – the pellet industry – not only the widespread use for private homes (recyclable rather than recycled) but the mindless idea to convert coal-fired power stations into ‘bio-mass’ power stations –

Not only do they produce about the same amount of CO2 but use the trees which would otherwise offset the effect by capturing CO2 and producing oxygen – now more CO2 is produced while the capacity to offset the effects are also reduced…

So along all the canals, all the highways & byways, in cities and towns trees are going down – especially the grand old trees are seen as a frightful danger to shoppers and CO2 producing automobiles…

Only a few years ago the then environment minister defended killing off historical forests with the notion that there are enough “spontaneous forests” all over – along highways & byways, canals and in towns… well great, that argument no longer washes.

Very short sighted and will take a long time to recover, if ever…


recent loss at Mons:  



for       GusMetzRemembW

Gustav Metzger, just deceased, with thanks, and hopefully will continue trying

remember nature!


Fall Vacuity


matadorljawParce que ce ne existe pas dans les environs… L’aspiration de montrer plus que rien, un croisement de la cédille qui sourit et le vide de chez Iris Clert, (Filliou-Klein) – a Anvers il y avait une espace “Vacuum” dans les années 70… Ça aussi peut servir comme prototype…

Pour la collection-  des machines, qui produisent un vacuum, une sous-pression du atmosphère, une manque de souffle… Rangé de l’aspirateur domestique à la pompe spécialisée, les machines à faire néant son très diverse.

Musée de la vacuité ////

Museum of vacuity, vacuous-ness, vacuum

Because there isn’t one in the nearby vicinity…  Something to collect nothing, or even less than that, a cross between nothing and emptiness, the space void of substance or gaseous reverberations, thought and above all, material excess…

For the collection a range of machines to produce negative pressure, to produce void, to suck all meaningful gasses from a space, in order for there to take place other processes… The smiling cedilla comes to mind, the void shown by YKB and all the devices, from domestic appliance… check out the ‘museum of vacuity’ page….



Ville des Mots Péruwelz 2016

Cette année Péruwelz est nommé la ville des mots, et il y aura une grande palette des activités concentré dans la semaine du 14 au 20 mars… Alors nous sommes penser participer un peu par une contribution libre des jeux des mots dans la vitrine du Depinterdep – commencent avec quelques mots libres associatives … qui bouge de temps en temps pour évoquer différentes associations…

This year Péruwelz has been designated ‘word city’ and has a diverse and interesting programme lined up concentrating on the week 14-20th March… We at depinterdep thought to participate in a small and unofficial way by installing a work of words, wordplay in our showcase window, words evoking associations and which change from time to time…

for more information on activities around town

pour plus de renseignements des activités autour de la ville

VilleMotsGareAw             Arrêt 59 foyer culturel de la ville de Péruwelz




vue de la gare de Péruwelz en preparation des festivités mot-cyclables…



vue de la vitrine de depinterdep version A

quelques vues du jour d’ouverture: OuixoxW PoidsMotsw ScrabMotsW SlowW SperduW on cherche encore une S…

AlouettWOza Louette….

mots de forceMotKletzW MotParkW MotsClouleW oiseauxW